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"The sound mixing was more creative than usual. When the score’s textures were at their thickest, combinations of instruments were deployed to different speakers around the room, creating interesting spatial effects and keeping the musical lines from trampling one another."
—NY Times reviewer Allan Kozinn on Anna's mix of Signal Ensemble's performance of Steve Reich's music at Le Poisson Rouge

"The two distinct sounds, pounding drums and flattened harmonics, mix beautifully though, creating a rock and roll sound that still, well, rocks"
—KEXP Song of the Day on "Plain" by Ribbons, recorded and produced by Anna

"Good ears plus good band and good recording normally make for good records. The planets seem to have aligned to make this the case once more...Surprise Attacks is hooky without being poppy and interesting without being pretentious."
—Jaded Scenester on the album "Surprise Attacks", recorded and produced by Anna

"Thank you. You did a beautiful job, just perfect. It’s great to have 3 generations working on this, keep it up!”
—Steve Reich on Anna’s mix for Music for 18 Musicians and You Are Variations performed by Signal Ensemble 9/14/08 at Le Poisson Rouge

“It sounds beautiful!”
—Richie Havens on Anna’s stage mix 9/19/08 at Le Poisson Rouge

“It sounds fantastic, thank you!”
—Matthew Dear on Anna’s stage mix for Ghostly International CMJ Shocase 10/26/08

"What a pleasure to work with! Professional attention to detail and always so nice. Myself and my staff love working with Anna."
—Kevin Curry, President Carroll Music, on Anna's design and consulting services

“A pleasure working with you. You run a very tight ship...if only all the venues & staff were as good as you guys it would make my job so much more fun. ”
—Pete Hamilton, tour manager for national acts like Lykke Li on Anna’s production managment

“Wow, I have never seen a crew turn a room around so quickly!”
—Tom Dunkley of GBH promotion on Anna’s production/crew management 9/08


"Anna is a dedicated, detail-oriented project leader. She is very knowledgeable in current technology trends and is a pleasure to work with. She is creative and dependable. Anna would be a welcome asset to any project."
—Christopher Els on Anna's Technical Direction and Management for The Producer's Group 1/2013

"Anna brings a calm sense of purpose to the working environment. Her professionalism and commitment to each task are hallmarks of her work ethic. Anna was always able to perform her job exceptionally well despite stressful working conditions. I hope to have the pleasure to work with her again."
—Ken Lovell, Technical Director of the Yale Digital Media Center for the Arts on Anna's work as Technical Specialst 3/2012

"Thank you for all of your help and support. After only two semesters of hard work, 1701 Records has become an organization that is capable of developing and promoting the vast variety of musical talent on Yale's campus. We have a strong membership, which is comprised of musicians, a marketing team and a group of sound engineers who have benefited from your training and the facilities at the DMCA...this could not have been done without your support and encouragement. We greatly appreciate it."
—Daniel Esannason, Founder & President of 1701 Records, (a Yale student-run record label), on Anna's teaching and technical support 4/2011

“Anna is a true professional, in the sense that if something can go wrong in a media production at just about any stage in the process, she has already prepared for it and has the tools and skills to handle it in an efficient manner that caters to the demands of the client while staying within budget and equipment limitations. She is a quick thinking, customer-oriented, and a very creative problem solver. Though in our working context she was a specialist with audio recording, her understanding of how her part fit into the overall process of producing commercial media for a variety of platforms saved a lot of time and headaches.

What sets Anna apart from others I've worked with on teams is the fact that she goes the distance to understand the work of others on the team and adapts collaboratively, and easily. All of these things make her an invaluable addition to any working group. Hire Anna, she is awesome!”

—Janhavi Pakrashi, DP of Woozyfly.com, on Anna's technical expertise at both Galapagos Art Space and for Woozyfly.com 1/2011

“Anna is an incredibly detailed and organized Production Manager. I consistently heard great feedback from clients and artists that she was a pleasure to work with on the floor and could always be trusted to make sure events went off without a hitch.”
—Taya Mueller, Director Le Poisson Rouge, on Anna’s production/crew management 2/2010





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